Patricia’s Services

Below are 4 resources Dr Patricia J Scott can provide to support occupational therapists, students, individuals with major life-threatening illnesses, and transplant teams interested in this work.

This book recounts the strategies used by Patricia J Scott in her journey through health to serious illness and back. During this time Dr. Scott exercised the values and beliefs of success, choosing to embrace her life course.

Transplant Recovery Resources
The findings from 15 years of research are being translated into a fact-based resource manual to guide people as they return to productive life post-transplant. Her goal is to have these manuals completed by early 2021.

Role Checklist Version 3 (RCv3)
This is a standardized and validated measure of participation The tool is sensitive for longitudinal use and reflects the “insider“ perspective or the person’s own experience. Track recovery with the RCV3.

Professional Speaking
Dr. Scott has spoken to groups in many countries and both lay and professional audiences. Patricia is available to speak to occupational therapy professionals and to students, to health professionals, to patients, and at events related to organ transplantation.

Video Of

Video Of


The complexities of autoimmunity and Liver Transplantation

By keeping in mind the story of the author and the struggle, the trailer for the book will help you understand the plot better. Have a look at the link to the left.

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Here we will share some stories that illustrate the challenges and successes of our journey through liver transplantation and other major medical challenges