Growing up in a small coastal town south of Boston, Patricia Scott was always doing something. As a child with two brothers and two sisters, she had no shortage of companions. She was a good student, involved in multiple school organizations and clubs, played in the school orchestra, and trained as a figure skater. Occupational therapy was a serendipitous career path for her to follow as it embodies active engagement in society as a source of health and self-esteem. As an occupational therapist, Dr. Scott treated people experiencing problems with role identification. In 1997, Dr. Scott’s own role identification was threatened. She was told her 20-year course of autoimmune hepatitis caused irreversible cirrhosis, and the only option was liver transplantation. She did not want to be a patient or a ‘sick’ person, and importantly she did not know-how. She scoured the research literature for information that would help her understand what her life would be like during and after transplantation. She found little. Now retired as Professor Emeritus from Indiana University, Patricia Scott is spending her time tying up loose ends with her research so that others can benefit from her findings, working to maintain health, and enjoying time with family and friends. Most importantly to her, she is spending precious time with her beloved husband and lifelong love, Karl Mann, at home and traveling the world.

About The Book


There is a turning point in everyone’s lives. Nobody knows when that point will come or at what age, but it will be a phase for you to learn. Just like every single one of us, the writer of this book went through the roughest phase and came out on top by sticking to her heart and soul. Doctor Patricia Scott, a doctor who is ready to inspire the masses with her new book, Resilience, writes the book. In this book, Doctor Patricia Scott shares the strategies based on her experience as an occupational therapy researcher and academician, which successfully allowed her to live a productive life. It will talk about how in the face of two liver transplants, spinal cancer, a medically induced stroke, and complicated autoimmune pneumonia, she earned a Ph.D. and is a celebrated teacher and an internationally recognized scholar. The book is inspirational for those interested in learning about how one woman refused to give in to a barrage of unwelcome and unanticipated life events. It is also chock full of lessons learned about how to face the uncertainty of survival. In addition, how to fight the seductive dependency of the health care system.

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