I have come to realize that the problems of life and living that come with all aspects of the transplant are due, in part at least, to the serious medical issues that are involved. Think about: liver disease, organ failure, waiting on the list, then surgical healing, lab values, rejection, infections, and the many other medical problems the transplant team deals with. Thus there is little to no time for the transplant team to sit and explore problems of living.

I know myself, I would have many questions about why I was so forgetful and could not sleep, and so on. I would get to the Dr.’s office and my attention would refocus on my physical health, my lab values, and my MELD score.

It’s not that the transplant team is not concerned, I know from working closely with them, they are very concerned. Each of the professionals on the team have a purpose, a responsibility, and unless you have access to the person responsible- if there is one-it may be hard to find these answers. There lies the case of competing demands…

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