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    Patricia Scott

    The author of Resilience and a motivational speaker.

    Be a part of Dr. Scott’s story as she takes one challenge after the other. Dr. Scott has been a great support to occupational therapists, students, individuals with major life-threatening illnesses, and transplant teams interested in this work around the globe.

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    This powerful thriller uncovers the truth of my DNA and battles between my half-siblings, mother, and Godmother in this true story reuniting with my father from beyond the grave!

    Dr. Patricia Scott

    Book Author

    There is a turning point in everyone’s lives. Just like every single one of us, the writer of this book went through the roughest phase and came out on top by sticking to her heart and soul.

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    About The Author

    Dr. Patricia Scott

    Growing up in a small coastal town south of Boston, Dr. Patricia Scott was always curious child. She channeled her curiosity in a progressive direction by being involved in multiple school activities and clubs, played in the school orchestra, and trained as a figure skater. Occupational therapy was a serendipitous career path for her to follow as it embodies active engagement in society as a source of health and self-esteem. As an occupational therapist, Dr. Scott treated people experiencing problems with role identification. In 1997, Dr. Scott’s own role identification was threatened.







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    Dr. Patricia Scott

    The complexities of autoimmunity and Liver Transplantation By keeping in mind the story of the author and the struggle, the trailer for the book will help you understand the plot better. Have a look at the link to the left.

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    One in 500 Million Sperm

    One in a 500 Million Sperm by Paula Woods Boodoosingh is a magnificent autobiography combined with the spiritual awakening which leads the author herself to uncovering her truth after her mother lied to her for more than 50 years! Throughout the story the author learns the truth about her DNA and struggles to comprehend the lies she was told while growing up about her life and who the other half of her immediate family were.

    Dr. Patricia Scott

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